Barking Springs offers various grooming services to our boarding and daycare customers. When you check in for boarding, you can sign up for your desired service and we will have your dog ready to go by the time you pick up! If you are a daycare customer, just let us know the services you would like when you check in and we’ll clean your pup up while you’re away for the day!

Barking Springs offers the following basic grooming services:

  • Baths

  • Furminator

  • Toe nail trim

  • Ear & eye cleaning


Our Facilities


Multiple Yards

At our Austin dog daycare facility we have several yard for dogs to play in.


Size Grouping

This gives us plenty of space so we can group dogs based on size and temperament so that everyone gets play buddies they will appreciate.


Nap Time

During the middle of the day we have nap time where all of the dogs are placed in a climate controlled dens that are wall separated. This is also where the dogs that board with us stay overnight.