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Is your dog looking for a fun activity while you're busy working?  Come to Barking Springs for the ultimate playtime experience!  Your dog will run around, socialize, make friends, and get tuckered out each day at the ranch. Barking Springs Dog Ranch has 7 acres of land with multiple play areas for your dog to expend all that doggy energy. Bring your dog in for a free evaluation day and see what life on the ranch is all about.

Each day, dogs play in the morning, rest in climate controlled areas from 12:00pm until 2:00 pm, then enjoy afternoon play.  

All overnight guests receive doggy daycare at no extra charge.  Please note afternoon boarding pickups incur an additional charge equal to one day of daycare.


Our Facilities


Multiple Yards

At our Austin dog daycare facility we have several yard for dogs to play in.


Size Grouping

This gives us plenty of space so we can group dogs based on size and temperament so that everyone gets play buddies they will appreciate.


Nap Time

During the middle of the day we have nap time where all of the dogs are placed in a climate controlled dens that are wall separated. This is also where the dogs that board with us stay overnight.

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